East Cobb vs. West Cobb

Some say East Cobb is more prestigious than West Cobb. One of my good friends jokingly says, Snob Cobb vs. Corn Cobb. The reality of the difference is based on housing costs, schools and proximity to Fulton County, where Atlanta is located. Today, the reality is that alot of factors separating East and West Cobb are changing. Walton High School in East Cobb and Lassiter are still the two highest rated high schools in the county, but this is changing with 3 new high schools in West Cobb within the past 7 years. The gap is being closed with Harrison and the three new schools improving in both the academic and athletic areas. Also, more upscale housing and more companies leaving downtown Atlanta for outside the perimeter locations. Lots of people consider the Big Chicken to be the dividing line between East and West Cobb. The City of Marietta, the county seat is located in the West Cobb area between East Cobb and West Cobb.

Ever since the early 1970’s, Cobb County has been one of the favorite of all Metro Atlanta counties because it is an “inner ring” county which means that it touches Fulton County where Atlanta is located. Cobb has given birth to celebrities such as actress Julia Roberts, Former House Speaker Knute Gingrich, and musical artists Third Day. Cobb County is known for its low taxes, excellent schools, and proximity to Atlanta through the I-75 Corridor. Companies such as Coca Cola, Home Depot, and Lockheed Martin call Cobb home. If you’re moving to Atlanta, Cobb has a tremendous amount to offer you. Today, Cobb is the third largest county in Metro Atlanta and the most financialy stable county.

The locals talk of East Cobb and West Cobb. East Cobb development began in the late 60’s because of it’s location and proximity to I-75, the major north/south corridor from Chattanooga, TN. East Cobb real estate is typically more expensive due to the excellent school systems and closer proximity to Atlanta. Walton and Pope high schools place very high on the state rankings. Not far behind is Lassiter, home of some unbelievable music and baseball programs. East Cobb architecture ranges from the cedar style homes of the 1970’s and 80’s, to gorgeous traditional homes that have made southern architecture famous.Mid-rise condominium developments and townhomes have been built for the young professionals who want the proximity to Atlanta.

East Cobb has access to the Chatahoochee River National Park with miles of hiking and biking. East Cobb is an excellent way to be close to Atlanta and have access to the best schools, parks, and shopping there is to offer. All while paying lower property taxes than neighborhing Fulton County. A starter home in the East Cobb area typically starts in the low to mid $200’s in the higher ranking school districts. Prices escalate quickly especially in the Walton, Lasiter and Pope high school districts.

West Cobb was mostly rural until the late 1980’s and early 1990’s when land was inexpensive and growth was booming. Geographically, West Cobb is basically any land west of I-75. That being said, areas such as Mableton, Austell, and Smyrna are known as South Cobb. Today, West Cobb has everything that East Cobb has, only newer. New shopping centers, movie theaters, and restaurants are springing up all over West Cobb. If you like boating, Lake Allatoona is the second largest lake in Metro Atlanta featuring 270 miles of shoreline and over 12,000 acres of water stretching 3 counties. It supplies Cobb County with over 43 million gallons of water per day. Living in Acworth or Kennesaw puts you within 15 minutes of a boat ramp. West Cobb is also home to the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, a pristine natural gem that is enjoyed by thousands of walkers per week.

Three new state of the art high schools have opened in the past seven years.(Kennesaw Mountain, Hillgrove and Allatoona. The two highest ranking schools are Kennesaw Mountain and Harrison High School. Quality education can be found in other West Cobb schools also. It is important to do your research to make the best decision. Not unlike East Cobb, the better performing schools drive property values. Real estate in West Cobb starts in the low $100’s for a very small home or condo. A typical 4 bedroom, 2 bath home on a slab can start in the $140’s. West Cobb is a much more affordable option for those people who can’t seem to find what they want in East Cobb.

Access to I-75 can be challenging from West Cobb. Many locals will use several sets of “back roads” to find their way. It’s almost a game to them. The bottom line is that the traffic around here ranks as some of the worst in the country. The quaint winding roads turn into parking lots easily if there is a problem on I-75 or 575. However, the entire metro Atlanta area is cursed with the same problems. Don’t let the traffic scare you away, West Cobb is a wonderful place to live. The communities of Acworth, Kennesaw, Powder Springs, and Marietta have much to offer. In fact, Kennesaw was ranked in Family Circle Magazine as one of the best places to raise a family.